Prophetic Precepts is the rich media ministry of Master Builders aimed to help you receive your breakthrough, restoration and empowerment in every area of your life, family, career & ministry. Holy Spirit spoke to Abram about the need of Christ-Centered preaching, teaching and writing ministry which was encouraged by many other servants of God. Our heart is to communicate Word of God with simplicity & true understanding so that the Spirit of Truth will bring lasting transformation in the lives of believers enabling them to live out their life calling in Jesus Christ for the kingdom and glory of God

Years ago when Pastor Abram was a teenage boy, at one time, he had a divine encounter with the Lord. He was attending a prayer seminar by Dr. Paul Youngi Cho and as Dr. Cho speaks the Word, suddenly he felt like something hits his heart and that moment onward God’s presence becomes so tangible in his life and he started praying in tears to God especially in the midnight crying for revival. That time He had very less understanding about the Word of God and things of the Spirit. In those times Holy Spirit led him to specific portions of scriptures (He didn’t know that was Holy Spirit at that time) and gave him many revelations from the Word of God. From that time onward God created a special love and desire in his heart for the Word of God and he used to read Bible from cover to cover and study it with the help of different study helps. Looking back, it was an awesome journey of how the Lord took him into deep  understanding of scriptures.

From 2002 onwards, God started speaking to him about the ministry He wanted to give Abram Francis to bless people. A strong desire developed in his heart to teach and train believers in the Word of God with simplicity & understanding. In May 2008 Jesus Christ set him apart and confirmed Abram’s primary calling as a Prophet through a supernatural experience where two bright lights flooded into his eyes and Jesus spoke to him that “you are like an Owl”. owl can see things in the dark. Jesus told He will use him to expose works of darkness as Jesus wants His church to be in light exposing all works of darkness. He understood that God wants to reveal him the grace and truth of the Word of God & to communicate to people which will expose the works of the devil in their lives whose eyes are blinded. John 8:32

As He was seeking God how to start communicating to the people ,the word” Prophetic Precepts” come into his heart. “Precept” simply means teaching, instruction. “Prophetic” implies this teaching is not produced by any man’s idea or intellectual ability but it was given by the Holy Spirit as a revelation intended to transform people’s lives including him. From that time onwards God started using Abram to communicate hidden treasures of the Word of God in different seminars and revival meetings and now we want to put them in writing to help you transform into Christ’s image and likeness.

Prophetic Precepts Teaching Newsletters: These are revelations from the Word of God aimed to help you receive breakthrough, restoration and empowerment in every area of your life, family, career & ministry. I’m sure that you will enjoy this as the Holy Spirit will bring the Word alive in your heart to transform your lives. Right now we are sending this to any body who requests for it free of charge. Please also pray for us to begin “prophetic precepts” teachings in video for

Recently we have launched Prophetic Precepts Audio Podcasting. Download the audio messages for free to listen and be blessed.


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