By God’s grace, from 2009 April, onward we have been fulfilling our mission by helping churches to grow and experience spiritual breakthrough by conducting revival meetings, seminars etc. We also was hosting and organizing city level pastors and leader confidence time to time as God led us. Now God has led Pastor Abram to Kerala and he is now focusing on building a base in Kochi, Kerala where the Master Builders vision will be deepened and enlarged as per God’s will.

The following are some of the clear ministry mandates of Master Builders that was been received by Pastor Abram Francis from the Lord and some of these ministries were happening from April 2009 onward but some are still on the process waiting for God’s timing for implementation.

School of Kingdom Builders: (SOKB) is the training school for those who have a burden and the call of God to do ministry. Right now we are  focusing on young  generation  from  different  churches  helping them to identify their gifting and call of God, developing their vision, training them as ministers and leaders for end time revival. If you are interested to know more about this training school. Kindly send us an email for details.

The Nehemiah’s Tent (TNT) Intercessory Prayer Network is the burden of the Lord that God ignited in Abram Francis’s heart to raise up an army of intercessors for the end time revival. TNT vision is to see flames of true spiritual worship & intercessory prayers arising up from every home & every road of all nations. Through TNT, We believe that God wants to raise, build prophetic, praise & prayer towers where believers are gathered together in unity in their houses and pray, praise & worship and prophecy for the end time revival. Years ago, God told Abram Francis that  “just like He is going to restore the fallen tent of David Amos 9:11, He is also going to restore the tent of Nehemiah”. Just like we have seen a great move of God in the praise & worship ministry in the body of Christ, we are going to see a greater move in area of intercessory prayer. God wants every believer’s heart to be filled with burden for their broken nation like Nehemiah. He wants every house of a believer to be a prayer, worship tower for all nations”. He wants every believer not only to pray & worship but also to act like Nehemiah & build broken walls of all nations”.When believers are gathered together with one mind and pray for nations, God’s glory will manifest in their midst and radiate from this prayer tower to draw the attention of the surrounding people and the end result will be a great revival as seen in Acts 2:1-4. If you are interested to know more about this intercessory prayer network. Kindly send us an email for details.

Under Construction Coaching Programme (UCCP) God spoke to us in June 2008 “to train every believer to be a minister, leader and a seed for the Kingdom of God”. Obeying God’s call, we want to help today’s young generation to connect personally with their Creator and train them to be Christ-Centered Leaders who will arise and build nations for Christ. Right now we are offering this program in Person at Kochi, Kerala, India where we’re currently located. Coaching Programs are currently being offered in subjects like Knowing your Calling, Developing your Spiritual Gifts, Studying Bible Systematically. Mentoring Programs are also offered to meet personal needs. If you are interested to know more about this coaching programme, Kindly send us an email for details.

Business Apostolic Missions (BAM) is the Global Missions Initiative of Master Builders mobilizing Business and Professional believers to reclaim and restore the business world with the power of the Holy Spirit and train & release them to establish the Kingdom of God in their market place. God wants each & every believer in the business and professional world to be a Salt and Light in their sphere of influence. The mandate of BAM is to raise up bussinesman & professionals in God’s wisdom & power to plant them strategically as God’s ambassadors & kingdom players in their marketplace. Right now we are planning to start a fellowship among Christian business leaders and professionals starting from Kochi, Kerala motivating them to come together in unity to worship our Lord Jesus Christ irrespective of their church denominations. We want to see the revival of India where God’s love, grace & power is manifested with signs, wonders and miracles. We are focusing on end time harvest which is ripe in India and by God’s grace, we want to reap them together with all other ministries and churches in India. 
If you are interested to know more about this business & professional network, Kindly send us an email for details.


Master Builders Ministries

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